Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Adbrite money program

Adbrite is another  good program alternative to Google adsense with a lot more features and options to monetize your website using adbrite. The Signup process for adbrite is pretty simple. The best part of adbrite is that it accepts adult/casino websites. Adbrite also let’s you sell adspace in your website(you can set your own pricing). if you website is getting heavy traffic then adbrite can monetize your website/ blog pretty well. adbrite analyzes your website and decides on the pricing and the type of ads that your website will serve. Once you place adbrite they shows ads from their network and you earn for showing network ads also.
 Ad Options with adsense
  • Like adsense and every other Monetizing programs adbrite letz you have the option to place text,image advertisements as your first choice. The options are Skyscrapers,Square Boxes, Horizontal ads to name some.
  • Adbrite also letz you place inline advertisements. Means it analyzes your website and chooses some keyword and displays a link and advertisement when you hover through that link.( The chances of earning through inline advertisements is more)
  • Interstitial ads – It letz you place something like a splash page when you navigate between pages with the splash like page containing advertisements
  • BriteVideo – let’s you place advertisements in your video files
  • BritePic – let’s you place advertisements in your picture files
The minimum amount you have to your adbrite account before you can get payment is $5( which is pretty good for small sites). AdBrite issues payments in US Dollars on a net 60 basis. For example, earnings you made in March 2007, will get paid out in May 2007. If your net-60 revenue does not meet your minimum check amount, this revenue will automatically roll over to the following month. Checks are processed on the last day of the month, each month +/- 5 business days.

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