Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Earn money by reading emails

RupeeMail is another Online program Source where  you can earn money for reading email messages. I like the tagged line which says ” IT PAYS”. Sure we are intrested in only those programs which pays. Nobody would mind reading emails if they get paid to read any stupid emails they get comparing to the amount of Mails(Spam) you open unknowingly and read.
The concept is pretty simple.
  • You Sign up at RupeeMail using your email address
  • Advertisers sents you email and offers you some money to view the content.
  • You View the link/content of the email you pocket in some rupees
Now i decided to sign up i had some thoughts of initially using some email address like name + rupee [at]
gmail.com to ensure that whether these people send in spam so that i can filter in my gmail all those mails addresses to name + rupee [at] gmail.com.The thing is registration worked fine, but i could not confirm or later login again to confirm my account. So i decided to sign-up properly. In the first process of Sign-up you are asked for your email, Full Name, Security questions etc. Interesting thing is to note that once you select your state it virtually lists down almost all the cities in your state.It also asks you to select the categories/ interests. I selected all. I always have the option to change later on. Once you sign-up they sends a confirmation mail asking you to confirm. This confirmation mail contains your account information and also a recipient code. Below i paste a excerpt from their mail saying about the advantages of Rupeemail.
RupeeMail benifits
  • RupeeMail is delivered in an electronic envelope with an attached stamp.
  • You get paid the value of the stamp as a token of appreciation for opening & reading the contents of RupeeMail.
  • Your Recipeint Code is unique and will be the same on all Rupeemails you receive irrespective of the sender. This code is known only to you and the RupeeMail system; therefore spammers and fraudsters can not trick you easily.
  • You will receive promotional offers, discounts and other advertisements strictly based on the preferences you opted for during registration. However you are free to change your preference list from the RupeeMail Account settings at any time.
  • All RupeeMail senders are verified and RupeeMail has zero tolerance to spam.
Once you Click on the confirmation link it asks for further details like Sex,Age, annual income(you can opt out in this). It also lets you change your email address later on. Interesting during sign-up it dosen’t ask for your address and you have the option to give your address under Request a Check Tab. If you request a check less than Rs 200 postages of Rs 20 will be charged and anything above Rs 200, the check will be delivered free of costs within 15 working days.
Further you get paid for referrals. You make Rs 2 for each referral. So sign up now for RupeeMail and start making some Indian Rupees.
I could not find a About Page in this website. I guess the RupeeMail team should Have a Blog and a About Us page pretty soon if your are pretty keen on their venture. Contact us Page says they are a Bangalore based Firm HCITEK Software.

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